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Our Story

In 2006 Cristie met Alfie and Alfie met Cristie while working abroad. They bonded over dragon fruit, good jokes, and handbags. By 2007 they launched their namesake brand using the drawings of a character with bobbed hair, and mary jane shoes from Cristie’s sketch journal as their iconic logo. 


After a good deal of success landing in New York City museum shops, and boutiques in New Orleans, Hong Kong, and Osaka, the world went thru a little transition (hello 2008) and Cristie Alfie was put on hold to mature for a later debut. 


During the great stay-at-home pandemic, Cristie and Alfie revived this beloved brand via Zoom from a cabin in the Catskills, New York to a leather handbag factory in Don Shui, China. 


This time they infused an attitude of 1990s effortlessly chic with a romantic ambiance. They experiment with audacious craftsmanship and implement conscious practices. They are serious about style, history, and nature - and every charming detail since 2006.


Meet Cristie.png

She first dreamt of this brand as a girl in her 20s while sitting in Central Park, New York loathing inconsiderate boys and missing her best friend in Paris. Life can be so serious thus she believes it’s important to have a good

sense of humor to get through it. In her designs, you find cheeky elements on a minimal silhouette with a touch of irreverence.

P.S. She loves a good Banana Split

silhouette with a touch of irreverence.

P.S. She loves a good Banana Split

Meet Alfie.png


She has never stopped dreaming nor traveling. She is forever young in spirit and even appearance. She drives the brand to be fashionable yet functional and has superior taste in leather. Her expertise in materials and construction ensure that every bag which bears her name is of the highest quality.

P.S. All of her rooms follow some serious feng shui rules.

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